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Images of the previous Harlaxton Manors 

Perhaps the most informative images of the old Harlaxton Manor are a set of drawings from 1831 from the office of Anthony Salvin, architect of the new manor.

Drawing showing the front door and North face of the old manor

This drawing from the 1831 set shows the back of the old manor facing South. What is particularly useful is this image shows the position of the "oriel window" of the old manor, a feature that has been added in to the current cottage built in 1937. This offers a useful reference point to identify where the footprint of the original building might have been.

This third image from the 1831 set shows the East side of the house, next to the line of the moat

The interiors of the old manor must have been quite grand at some point before the building was allowed to slip into disuse early in the 1800's. Below are two images showing architectural features of the house, the bannisters and plaster ceiling. 

North Frontage of Harlaxton Manor in 1817

There are a number of other paintings and prints showing the old Jacobean manor over the late 18th and early 19th century, all of which offer insights into the style of building and it's extent.

North Frontage of Harlaxton Manor in 1817

The North side (front) of the manor in 1817 by John Buckler Snr FSA

Painting by Bourne 1800 of the North side of the manor

Bartholomew Howlett - published in 1805

An engraving by J Rogers 1831 after J Rhodes, later coloured by hand,  showing the North side (front) of the house, with it's grand front door and gateway.

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