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Past events

Nov 2022
The Machine Gun Corps and Harlaxton Trenches

Douglas Brown spoke about the impact of the First World war on Harlaxton and the role of the locally based Machine Gun Corps in shaping the landscape. 

Click on the image to see the presentation slides.


November 2023

Kevin Winter – “East Midlands during the Civil Wars”


May 2023

Sean Scargill – “Treasure Hunting Fact and Fiction”


March 2023

Ed Bujak – “The Gentlemen of the Royal Flying Corps” and the role of Harlaxton airfield in the First World war

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August 2023

David Fitzer – “The Rise and fall of the Country House” an account of the development of country houses in England and their eventual demise


February 2023

Richard Tyndall – “ The Archaeology of Ancaster”

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