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A Street through time
Church Street

Church Street is interesting as it's name has changed over time, until the mid 20th century it was called Chapel Lane because of the Methodist Chapel. It changed to Church Street some time after the Chapel closed in 1935, but it must have had another name prior to it being built in 1871.

Church Street and the 1795 Enclosures Act

Notes from the court transcript of the Commissioners of the Enclosure Act chaired by George De Ligne Gregory on 4th November 1795 relating to properties in and abutting Church Street, Harlaxton

As transcribed by David Haw

Total acreage of the Parish: 
Firstly we do declare that we find from the said survey and admeasurement that the quantity in the statute measure contained in the lands and grounds within the parish and lordship of Harlaxton directed to be inclosed by the said act to be two hundred and forty five acres one rood and nineteen perches including the turnpike road and two private carriage roads hereinafter awarded which contain together three acres one rood and twenty one perches and that the ancient inclosed lands within the said parish do contain two thousand three hundred and four acres three roods and nine perches (including such part of the Grantham Canal Navigation and Reservoir there to belonging as are within the said parish but exclusive of roads). And in pursuance of the said act and for better describing the several roads and lands hereinafter awarded and allotted we have annexed to this our award a map or plan whereon the several roads are particularly delineated and the several lands within the said parish are numbered and the numbers having after mentioned have reference thereto and which said maps or plan we do hereby order and direct shall be deemed and taken as part of this our award". [transcript page 11-12]

Preface to the schedule of Corn Rents owed to the rector:

The Schedule or description

"(referred to by the foregoing award) of each and every messuage cottage or tenement piece or parcel of land or ground or allotment within the parish of Harlaxton in the county of Lincoln with the name of the owner thereof the exact measure in acres roods and perches the yearly corn rents or sums of money issuing out of each respectively and payable to the Rector of the Parish Church of Harlaxton aforesaid and the rate by the messuage and acre by which the said corn rents are charged." [transcript page 52]


•     Jasmine. (Now known as Jasmine Cottage 26 Church Street) . Tenants, Mr F J Steele & Miss E D Steele.  Annual Rent £14.00

•     The Chapel (Now a separate residence in the grounds of Jasmine Cottage known as 24 Church Street)

•      Vine Cottage (Still known as Vine Cottage 14 Church Street)   Tenant, Mr A Walton. Annual Rent £5.00


•      Semi Det Cottage (Now forms part of 10 Church Street)   Tenant, Mr A Dale. Annual Rent £7, 1s, 0d

•      Semi Det Old World Cottage (Now known as 10 Church Street)   Tenant, Mr A E Collins. Annual Rent £6, 16s, 0d
•      The Post Office (Now known Maytree House, 8 Church Street)     Tennant, Mr J Dimmock. Annual Rent 18.00

•       Rose Cottage (Still known as Rose Cottage 4 Church Street)  Tenant, Mr J K Brewster. Annual Rent £15.00
•       Woodbine Cottage (Still known as Woodbine Cottage 2 Church  Street)   Tenant Mr W Cragg. Annual Rent £7 17s 0d

•       Ivy Cottage. Cottage with Butchers Shop attached. (Now known as 28 High St.). Tenant, Mr T J Wade. Annual Rent £17.00 

•       Semi Det Cottage (Now known as The Lilacs 7 Church Street) Tenant, Mrs Marriott. Annual Rent £10 16s 0d

•        Semi Det Cottage (Now known as The Old Post Office 9 Church Street) Tenant, Mr A W Harris. Annual Rent of £14 2s 6d


•        The Village Farm (Now consists of 3 Properties, Village Farm House 17 Church Street, 19 Church St and White Farm Cottage 16     Pond Street)     Tenant, Mr Geeson. Annual rent £82 14s 0d. This included arable and pasture land situated adjacent to the Village      

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