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Streets through time - Church Street
Ivy Cottage

Lot 39 Ivy Cottage.jpg
16 IVY COTT 28 HIGH ST.jpg

Ivy Cottage in the late 1960s

Ivy Cottage is a brick estate cottage with slate roof which was formerly the village butchers including the butchers shop as noted in the 1937 estate sale. It is now a residential house. Ivy Cottage was built in 1802 with late 19th century rear additions. This building is one of those built or altered by Gregory de Ligne Gregory in the late 18th century and remodelled in a picturesque style by Gregory Gregory in the 19th century. 

The butchers business was operated by the Wade family as noted in the censuses of 1901 whereby John Wade (aged 63) was the head butcher aided by his wife Mary (aged 64). The 1911 census shows that Thomas Johnson Wade (aged 46) was now the butcher aided by his wife Adelaide (aged 52) and they were still running the butchers 10 years later in the 1921 census. The Gregory estate was broken up and the estate cottages sold off in 1937 and it is noted that T.J. Wade (aged 73 at this time) still had tenancy at the time.

In July 1915, Frank and Emma Harris  (nee Marr) pictured right married and lived in Ivy Cottage and had one child - a daughter Gwendoline who was born in 1916.


Frank Harris was born in 1891 in Harlaxton, son of Alfred Winter Harris and Urania Harris of No 9 Church Street. 

Frank was a soldier and served in the First World war with the 8th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment. Sadly Frank died in France at Ypres on 14th March 1918.

Emma was an active lady and very involved with the village community. She was a Sunday school teacher and a member of the local tennis club. Sadly, Emma passed away on 28th March 1922 at the young age of 33. Her death was registered at being at Ivy Cottage which the government probate confirmed.

Frank Harris 2.jpg

The image below is of Ivy Cottage approx 1914

Ivy Cottage.jpg

Another former resident is James Coy - born 1830 in Harlaxton. He was the son of Thomas Coy and Mary Bond. He was married to Mary Ann Coy (nee Johnson). Mary was the step sister of Elizabeth Sandilands, house keeper for Gregory Gregory at the Manor) and son William.  James died in early1907 after a prolonged illness. At the time of his death he lived at Ivy Cottage. In the 1861 census he lived in the Gregory Alms Houses (Bede Cottages) on Swine Hill.  James was a Joiner and he was living with his wife Mary and one child - William - at that date. James and Mary went on to have a total of 13 children between 1854 and 1876.  

James spent his life at Harlaxton and an engraving on one of the Manor's Gatehouse doors shows he used his joinery skills on it. The crude, carved inscription says, “1863 March 3 This door hung by J Coy”.

He is buried, with Mary Ann, at Harlaxton Church.

Later residents include the Billington family as the local butchers (who apparently got fined at one point for selling unsafe meat). It is not clear who lived here after the Billingtons but a more recent owner was Mrs Elizabeth Allam.

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