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Streets through time - High Street
No 73 
Also known as Thorn Bell


This building is probably one of those built by George de Ligne Gregory c1790-1820 with porch probably added c1830. Brick with hipped slate roof and 2 brick ridge stacks. 

In the Estate sale of 1937, the tenancy is that of a Miss Bell. This refers to Mary Ann (Molly) Bell who was the Chief House Maid at Harlaxton Manor. When she married, Molly was offered the choice of three houses in the village which she could buy.  She chose this property.  She married Arthur James Thornton in 1937 and on 25th November 1937 they bought the house for £320. They combined their surnames to christen the house Thorn Bell. Arthur was an electrician. Molly passed away 30th May 1985 and Arthur died 31st May 1998.

As they had no children, the house was left to Arthur's sister Doris,  but she sadly died less than 3 months later and was left to her daughter who sold it to the current owners later in 1998. It is thought that neither Doris nor her daughter actually lived in the property. Arthur, Molly and Doris are all buried in the village churchyard.

Lot 9 Cottage.jpg

By this time, the house was in a poor state of repair and has now been fully renovated by the current owners. The back kitchen was demolished and re-built.  The old pig sty, conservatory and the garage were also demolished and the old stables were altered to provide a new garage/workshop.

Thorn Bell 1920s.jpg

It is unclear at this time who lived in this property prior to the Thorntons. Hazel Grundy born 22nd February 1927 visited the current owners in 2021 and advised them that she lived here for the first 3 or 4 years of her life. Her father was Harold Grundy and he was living in the village as shown in the 1921 census with his parents Fred and Sarah Grundy and his siblings. The Grundy family lived in Netherlea on the High St. Harold married Doris Bennett from Barrowby sometime between 1921 and 1927. He was a motor engineer and wanted to open a garage in the village but was refused permission by the Estate so he and his family moved out of Harlaxton in 1930 and opened a garage in Gosberton, Lincs. The above picture was taken in the 1920's but the identity of the young child is unknown.


Above image taken in late 1960's. Below in 2009

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